Agile methods

Faster response time

Knightec´s agile methodology is geared towards projects where cross functional disciplines, stakeholders and third parties are involved. The approach is based on Agile core principles and is easily adaptable to our clients’ overall development processes. Typical examples of where we have implemented our way of working have been during equipment and machine development projects as well as machine and facility installations.

There are a number of agile methodologies which in most cases follow the same values, principles and approaches. It is also a more flexible way of working compared with waterfall models.
The basic principles behind Agile are inspired by Lean with focus on a close collaboration between developers and clients where work is driven incrementally and iteratively. Meaning that smaller regular deliveries are made, ensuring that requirements are continuously evaluated and updated.

An agile approach puts more focus on people and communication in order to solve problems which occur during development, over tools and formal documents. This approach focuses on minimizing risks that a large part of a system is in a half-finished status with no added value as well as enabling decision makers to gain a better basis for decisions about adding additional resources to a project.

With our Agile practices, are our customers able to respond quickly to new demands from the market, with shorter development times through reducing waste and waiting, not to mention increased productivity and reduced stress in project teams through participation and responsibility.

Are you interested in testing the agile approach in a project? See more about our PACKAGED SOLUTIONS.

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