Culture and Cooperation

What characterizes the culture of Knightec?

First and foremost, dedication, everyone is very engaged and I feel that there is a lot of positive energy in the organization. I am always greeted with smiles from my colleagues and we have many good assignments.

There is an open attitude at Knightec, where it really feels that you can just say as you feel and think. As a consultant I have a lot of freedom and opportunity to influence my own situation and choose which way I want to go. I know that my manager supports me and is confident that I can network and develop customers.

The ambition for Knightec is to find assignments which match the consultants’ individual development. In this process we as consultants have the support to create our own development and own assignments. I feel more complete as a consultant when I am involved in the whole process and I think that customers appreciate when I show interest that I will work with them.

Honor is something that is also a part of our culture. Before I became a consultant I always heard about how consultants were not valued. It is not like that with us. We at Knightec are proud to be a part of the Knightec team.

How has your view of the role of consultants changed since you started at Knightec?

I first saw the role as an additional resource, but it is much more than that, a consultant is an important player. I have several examples of when consultants have been called in to address strategic issues and have contributed at a higher level in the client organization. Knightec understands our clients’ issues and opportunities and I know that this is appreciated. Knightec has a strong brand which stands for quality and reliability and I feel that our customers are confident in our consultants.

How do you work with your colleagues at Knightec?

I try to be aware and listen to how I can contribute, for example helping to prepare for client meetings and brainstorming. I work proactively and am happy to share my knowledge and experience. We continuously work together, sharing advice and guidance, as well as best practise. An important part of this job is how one interacts and communicate with different customers as well as their expectations.

Our virtual communication platform is a good tool where one can quickly get answers to questions. I also like the personal contact with my colleagues and like to meet over lunch where we can get to know each other and exchange knowledge and experience. All of this is what strengthens Knightec as a brand.

"We continuously work together, sharing advice and guidance, as well as best practise."

Silvia Corlevi

Co-worker stories

Why did you choose to work with Knightec?

I was attracted by the opportunity to be part of a startup of a new branch office with several competences. Previously I worked at pure IT-consultancies and with Knightec I saw the potential to develop and learn new areas together with colleagues from other competence areas. In addition, I was curious to learn about med tech which was a focus area for the Knightec team in Gothenburg. My manager, Fredrik Hörlyk, made a strong impression with his way of including me in the company development.

How do you view the role as a consultant?

I have worked as a consultant for a long time. I appreciate the variety in working in different assignments, companies and industries. I feel free and the role helps avoiding to get stuck in one place. Also, I like the interview situation with customers. I like the customer interaction.

What is the best with being a consultant at Knightec?

I turned out as I had hoped for. Knightec has the width it is talking about, with engineers in different competence areas working together in project teams across different locations in Sweden. I have learned new things within areas that were unknown to me before and I interact with other competences. It is easy to take contact with colleagues at other branch offices across Sweden to discuss and get help. The competence conferences organized by the business area Systems at Knightec has helped in that process. It is an occasion for all colleagues, independently from geographical location, to learn from knowledge sharing.

I also appreciate a lot that I have been given the opportunity to engage in the company development and business planning. I have been invited to strategy workshops and I feel included and listened to. It has given me insight in the company development and it has supported my personal development too. My feeling is that the more I know and learn about the company development, the more interested I get.

"consultants at Knightec are invited to strategy workshops and I feel included and listened to - Ingrid Berggren."

Ingrid Berggren