Delivery models

We offer a broad range of competencies. How can we help you advance?

Do you need to strengthen your workforce with a highly qualified engineer or are you looking for a partner to take responsibility for an entire project or function? Knightec offers great flexibility in how to engage in business collaboration. We believe all customer needs are unique and therefore we strive to always work in a close and creative collaboration.

Competence delivery

Knightec provides specialists to increase competencies and capacities in the customer team. Careful introduction and close follow up supports the fulfillment of customer expectations and strengthens our own development process.

Project delivery

Knightec is responsible for the execution of a project, from start to final delivery. The work is managed by Knightec and the project model is adapted to each customer situation.

Function delivery

Knightec takes a long term responsibility for a function in the customers’ organization. The entire function responsibility and process is handed over by the customer to Knightec with clear requirements on deliverables, cost and quality. The Knightec model for outsourcing is called INNOVATION LAB.