Innovation Lab

Providing delivery accuracy and lower development cost

Outsourcing is commonly used in product development, often combined with offshoring. It is a way of lowering costs and creating more room for your own organization to focus on the core business. However, it can be challenging to realize the benefits. More time than planned is spent to manage and monitor the operation and results are not always in line with expectations. Due to this, the cost advantage might not be as high as calculated and the operation could become questioned.

Knightec offers a model for outsourcing called Innovation Lab. It deals with many of the challenges in traditional offshoring. It involves utilization of our specialized skills and is built upon a proven agile work method with close communication between your product and project management. Our solution deals with the reality of frequent changes in development plans. Close and transparent work planning and execution gives full control of results and costs for the customer. Experience shows that up to 20 % cost reduction can be reached while being in full control of the deliverables for your project.

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