Kund: Bosch Rexroth

Dirty, cold or hot. Under or over water. Extreme demands for hydraulic drive systems.

Bosch Rexroth’s hydraulic drive systems are extremely reliable. They are so safe and reliable that they are used to drive the drills on oil platforms, the elevators in the Eiffel Tower, dredgers, rocket launchers, huge bucket wheel loaders and much more. All research, development and manufacturing takes place in Mellansel, and the expertise and craftsmanship that can be found among the company’s 450 employees have made Bosch Rexroth a global leader.

Björn Liedelöf, technical director, explains: “The 55 of us who work in the research and development department focus on our core operation. And that is the hydraulic drive system. We strengthen construction assignments that fall outside of this framework with consultants. One example is the construction of a test rig to test hydraulic pumps. We purchase the pumps externally and carefully test them personally to ensure that they meet our needs and high standards.” In addition to the actual steel construction of the rig, Knightec also designs the control system used to control the pumps. Knightec assumes full responsibility for this project, from construction drawing to ready-to-drive rig.

“We have a lengthy collaboration with Knightec, and they know our business well. They have great consultants with the right skills, including social skills. Knightec can quickly enter the picture with consultants to take care of the entire chain in a project, and we can confidently hand over even more responsibility just by picking up the phone.”