Kund: GE Healthcare, GEMS Pet Systems

Make the technology accessible to regional hospitals as well, where it is genuinely useful

GEM Pets Systems AB manufactures systems for production of PET (positron emission tomography) tracers. These short-lived tracers are used to diagnose cancer.

The tracer is produced in a particle accelerator (PET cyclotron) and injected into the patient. A PET scanner then identifies the location in the body where abnormally high metabolism of glucose occurs, which is a very reliable method for early detection of cancer.

Erik Strömqvist, CEO, explains “Our collaboration with Knightec goes back many years. Today Knightec is one of our main consulting companies and it is heavily involved in both new development and manufacturing engineering. Obviously the most important aspect when we design and develop our products is application. Our machines have to work every day and we thrive on competition based on reliability.

For me, a long-term mindset is therefore important with respect to construction, and one of my objectives is to make our technology available to regional hospitals as well, where it is genuinely useful. I think Knightec consultants have been successful with respect to building in quality from the beginning in terms of both construction and design. The consultants are a key part of the company and they are integrated into our development department. We’re a team. I also have a great relationship with Knightec’s management, which has been extremely responsive in a preliminary pilot project that we jointly conducted. The result was a more extensive collaborative effort,” says Erik.