We create a better future through the development of people and technology

Knightec AB is a consulting firm, which specializes in technology and management for the development of products, systems and production. The company is active primarily  in the areas of Life Science, Automotive, Transportation, Defense, Energy and Packaging.

We currently have more than 500 employees in nine locations in Sweden, from Umeå in the north, to Lund in the south, who work on the basis of a business concept that will increase the competitive advantage of both our customers and our employees.

Knightec began in 2002, based on an idea to create a consulting firm that is better than all competitors. Our goal is to keep a strong focus on what creates value in our line of business – our customers and our employees. We still put this idea into practice every day and still continue to develop this same approach.

Knightec creates a better future through the development of people and technology. Around the world, people are affected in many positive ways by what we develop for our clients. For example, children have access to healthier milk, doctors determine faster diagnoses for vital care, trucks are safer to drive and have less environmental impact on our roads. You will certainly come into contact every day and everywhere with products that Knightec has helped to create.

We believe that innovation and development starts with the human. Innovation rarely starts with technology, but rather with daring to think the unthought and try the untried brain power. When people with different backgrounds and perspectives work together, we are confident that the prospects for technological development are the greatest.

For that reason, we believe that companies with the ambition to develop innovative solutions have much to gain from diversity. By bringing together people from different backgrounds to work together in an environment where courage, creativity and technical expertise is mixed with the knowledge of customer benefits and value then, not only is the technology developed, but also the people behind it.