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The future labor market is not only Swedish, but increasingly international. From this point of view, it is clear that the ability to interact with and manage different cultures, religions, ethnic groups, languages, ages, and genders is necessary. In our society there are people with backgrounds from other countries who hold knowledge of other languages and cultures, which can be a great asset for the Swedish industry in an increasingly global market.

Knightec has had a partnership with the Rinkeby School since 2008 with the goal to increase interest in technology among students. This partnership is a long term one consisting of activities throughout the school year where lectures are alternated between inspirational sessions and technical projects. Additionally, scholarships are awarded yearly to the two students who demonstrate innovation and professionalism.

“We must act for the future” says Dimitris Gioulekas, CEO of Knightec. “There is a whole branch sitting with arms crossed waiting for schools to do their part. We who work every day with math and technology can dispel some of the prejudices about careers in technology through coaching and inspiring students.”

For Knightec that means collaborating with Rinkeby School where we gain invaluable insight into how students with roots in different cultures think and feel. Growth is a key goal of Knightec while another is to ensure that half of all of the managers in the near future are women and that one-fifth of employees comes from a foreign background.