Develop at Knightec

We want to see our employees develop and grow

We know that when you are seen and encouraged you feel confident which creates basis for a stronger performance. As a business minded consultant at Knightec you should feel confident and proud.

As a new employee at Knightec you are given an introduction program. It results in your individual development plan and connects with the training in business acumen after which you are a certified Knightec consultant.

You will meet colleagues from different branch offices, together with the company management team and members from the board of directors. You are invited to discuss the role of a consultant and the company strategies as preparation for knowledge sharing in your daily work.

Knowledge sharing is strengthened by appointing and training experienced consultants as mentors and coaches. It has proven to strengthen both the mentor and the mentee.

The Advisor is also an important player in the Knightec team. By engaging and managing teams of senior and junior consultants we give customers access to more competencies and diversity which ultimately adds value to the delivery.

A way to improve your personal brand as an engineer is to develop yourself in a specialized area. We have consultant job descriptions to support and clarify expectations for each role. As you develop, the opportunity will increase for new and more challenging assignments, managinge teams or projects, or managinge customer relationships. We offer competitive performance based salary. At Knightec you define the goal and limits for your development by taking responsibility for the direction and the level.

To us it is obvious that competence and skills are developed in line with customer needs. What is important for customers is important to us – your knowledge supports the strengthening of our customers’ competitiveness. To develop is a personal driver. Your will and ambition takes you were you want to go and Knightec supports you in the process.