Changing our business model from pricing based on consulting hours to pricing based on customer value

Knightec is changing the industry by introducing a fee structure that is based on the value that we create for our customers, rather than for the time that we spend working with them. We have developed an approach that motivates our employees to use all the knowledge and expertise within Knightec, in order to create more value for our customers.

The result is a business model that is based on the value created, with a clear connection to customer relations, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, efficiency, and profitability. This also leads to an increased development of the skills of our employees.

Our strategy, which we live and work for daily, is to perform assignments that solve our customers’ strategic issues as a Knightec team. By working in teams, we have all of Knightec’s expertise at hand as we help our customers with their most important challenges. We create the best conditions for the highest value in the delivery of our assignments.

Knightec is a value driven company, whose goal is for everyone to know, understand and live by values. This creates the conditions for the success of our strategy and for achieving our vision, to be the leader.

Dare to be the best

It´s not about an inflated ego. It’s about believing in yourself and standing for your opinions. Daring to highlight the things that you are good at and those things that you can do better. It´s about the desire to own and have an outlet for your commitment and to always strive to deliver the best solutions. To achieve that, we must dare to be the best.

Exceed expectations

We evaluate all solutions and assignments by asking the right questions in order to develop a greater understanding of the customer. In this way, we can outdo expectations, both our customers and our own.

Show consideration

Showing consideration is perhaps Knightec’s most important value. It may sound obvious and might easily be taken for granted, but in the end it´s caring that makes a difference. If you feel acknowledged, then you feel better and if you feel better, then you perform better. At Knightec, we try to live by the motto of treating others as you would want to be treated yourself, which creates wellbeing and development, both for the customer and for the individual.