About us

We are consultants in technology and leadership. Together with our customers, we develop innovations that simplify and improve people’s everyday lives.

The development of people and technology gives a better future

We work with digitalisation, quality, safety and sustainability issues throughout the life cycle for products and services; from the initial idea to the end product or service. Among our customers are several of Sweden’s largest industrial companies in sectors such as automotive, life science, defense, packaging and manufacturing.

Through our assignments, we create innovations that simplify and improve people’s everyday lives. We are driven by the conviction that teams with wide diversity in terms of competence and backgrounds are the key to success. Today, Knightec consists of more than 20 different nationalities and one third of our employees are women. Looking ahead, our ambition is to increase the diversity even more. The values we highly rate consist of goal awareness, business sense and cooperation. Today we have 700 employees and are in ten locations in Sweden. From Umeå in the north to Lund in the south.

“Our success is based on our ability to attract and develop the best people in the market and to together build a strong corporate culture”

Culture and Values

For us, corporate culture is a foundation for successful business. We strive for strong team spirit and a wide diversity in both the skills and the background of our team members. This is especially important as more of our customer projects are run as satellite projects from one of our nine offices.

With diversity we create quality

Knightec’s organization consists of four areas of expertise, 700 employees and ten offices around the country. With our wide range of expertise, we can quickly put together teams for the development of digital services, hardware and software, quality assurance, validation and project management. This means we can help our customers from the initial idea right through to the continuous production and development of both products and services.