Engagement In Society

Cooperation with schools

The future labor market is not limited to Sweden; it is becoming increasingly international. In this perspective, it becomes evident that an ability to interact with and handle different cultures, religions, ethnic groups, languages, ages and gender is required. In our society, there are people with a variety of backgrounds and with knowledge in other languages ​​and cultures. This is a possibility for Swedish business expansion in a global market.

Knightec has collaborated with a number of schools since 2008. The aim is to increase the interest for technology among ninth graders. About 250 pupils participate each year, the cooperation is long term and includes activities throughout the school year. Lectures are varied with inspiration pass and technical projects, and a scholarship is awarded to two students who demonstrate innovation and business skills.

We must act for the future, says Dimitris Gioulekas, CEO of Knightec. Now there is a whole industry that is waiting for the schools to do theirs. Every day, we work with math, and technology can cope with some of the prejudices that exist around the engineering community, by coaching and inspiring students.

For Knightec, cooperation with schools also means gaining invaluable knowledge of how pupils with roots in different cultures are thinking. One goal for Knightec is that half of all managers in the near future will be women and that the proportion of employees of foreign descent will be one fifth.