Quality & Management

The business area Quality & Management collects our services in project management, quality assurance and business development.

Quality development in all industries

We provide cross-sectional expertise that drives continuous improvements to our customers. It’s about project management, requirements management, risk management, standards, regulations, validation, agile product development and change management.

We are active in many different sectors, such as life science, automotive and food and energy, with new customers and industries entering all the time. Many of the customer projects are run as satellite projects from one of Knightec’s nine offices.

In order to succeed, we require both knowledge about the customer’s business and an understanding of the external requirements that the customer is facing. Therefore, we have developed a methodology that optimizes the efforts that need to be made in relation to market, government and regulatory requirements. Often related to safety, health or sustainability.

We take responsibility for projects with the right ambition and quality level. Internally, we prioritize experience exchanges, skills development and good cooperation. With this criteria, we can quickly find the right person and the right question to help develop and streamline the customer’s business. Because customers’ needs are often similar, we have the opportunities to bring customers together.

Compliance Optimized

A typical challenge for many companies today is more complex requirements in terms of expectations from owners, customers and employees. For example, for medical technology, vehicles, durability, energy and information security, the requirements and standards become even more important.

In a world of constantly changing requirements, we aim to ensure compliance without compromising business-critical initiatives. For businesses, it is about being able to deal with increased demands while maintaining flexibility and innovation. Failure to do so may result in reduced efficiency, resource shortages and lost business opportunities.

Therefore, we have developed methods and tools in risk management, internal auditing and gap analysis. Our consultants have extensive experience in management systems, project management, requirements management, regulatory requirements, standards and risk management.

All in all, it gives us the opportunity to be effective and adaptable to quickly help our customers to get efficient systems in place. Based on the client’s reality and our expert competence, we get an overall view of the business and find an optimal balance between business goals and regulations.

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