The business area Systems gathers our services in software and hardware, automation and electrical engineering.

Safe digitization and automation

Digitization and automation are drivers for development in many industries, which increase high demands on security. The business area Systems provides services in software, electronics and automation, with the skills to strengthen our customers’ competitiveness.

The security aspects are particularly extensive for connected products. The Internet of Things drives the issue of secure communication, an area we have developed profound skills within through our Connected Device Security specialist area.

Specialist area Connected Device Security

Our everyday lives are becoming more and more connected. Cars, mobile phones, wristwatches, care equipment, fitness equipment, hearing aids, refrigerators, surveillance cameras, media players, alarm systems, door locks and home automation are all connected to the Internet. At the same time, social functions such as healthcare, banking, insurance, communication and leisure move to the network. Automation of connected devices is also increasing in industry.

But both technological development and the judiciary are lagging behind in terms of security and privacy. Many companies do not know how to address security issues or are aware of the risks involved. At the same time knowledge development and standardization take place at a furious pace in the area. The security of all these products and services becomes an important issue for more and more companies. Knightec offers excellence in specification, testing, verification and validation for security of connected products and services. Our consultants have a good understanding of security requirements in the development of both electronics and software.

Knightec can also help customers who want to work in accordance with new standards, methodologies and requirements such as, for example, Data Protection Regulation GDPR, various ISO, IEC and IEEE standards.

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