The business area of Technology offers services in construction, calculation and design.

World-class product development

We offer expertise to drive product and process development throughout a product’s life cycle. It can be about developing a new product idea from first draft to finished product or, for example, to construct new lifting tools and fixtures.

We are active in industries such as automotive, medical technology, safety, space and manufacturing. Our assignments are carried out either with consultants in customer projects or larger performance commitments, where we are responsible for a unit or function at the customer or by delivering a packaged offer. It can range from specific development assignments carried out by a team, to fully installed and operated equipment at the customer.

We work in teams, have an effective experience exchange and work in close cooperation between all our offices and with our customers. We also strive to establish ambitious partnerships. Our own ambition is to help increase our customers’ competitiveness and help them solve their real problems, not just what they are looking for.

We often use virtual solutions to connect us to our customers’ systems. The advantage is shorter and more cost-effective deliveries, while the customer can continue to focus on their core business. The business area is represented at all Knightec offices in Sweden.

Specialist area Sustainable Plastic Design

Sustainability is one of the premier starting points in product development. It is about how products are designed, manufactured and used. Material selection, lightweight structures and reused or recycled products are also important.

We have worked with industries such as automotive, medical technology and consumer goods, and we know that plastic designs today are a key part of many products. Plastic is both a light and strong material and can replace heavier and more expensive details. At Knightec, we have specialist knowledge in how to design plastic in a sustainable way. We offer cutting edge expertise in designing an article to make it strong in those areas that are particularly vulnerable, as well as how to manufacture it in a tool, and how to reduce the time for developing the tool. It’s about creative design, choice of materials and how the surfaces are created, so that weight and cost can be reduced. By designing and developing a product in a timely fashion, sustainability and user-friendliness also increase.

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