Meet Caroline

Caroline Backlund joined Knightec as a new graduate engineer in 2014. Today, she is a consultant with the main focus on human-technology interaction. Since 2015, she is working on behalf of Volvo Group Trucks Technology in the role of global function owner.

“My personal development is larger than I thought possible”

She is based in Gothenburg, but now and then she is also in Greensboro, North Carolina, where Volvo North America and Mack Trucks have their headquarters.

– I have daily contact with Greensboro colleagues via Skype and mail, but sometimes it’s good to be in the actual place. I see the features from the user’s perspective and because I work globally in several parallel projects, I’m a bit like the spider in the web, which is a role I’m very happy with.

In addition to the American truck brands in AB Volvo, Caroline also works with Volvo in Sweden, Renault in France and the UD in India.

– My personal development has been more than I thought possible during my years with the company. The combination of constantly facing new challenges and, having a strong support from good leaders and colleagues, is the key to my rapid development. The sense of security and belonging has been decisive and has given me the guts to go outside my comfort zone. Besides that, I have a strong personal drive and clear goals for what I want to do within Knightec.

Caroline has also been rewarded for her development within the company by being awarded with the Golden Growth Award.

– For me, it’s a receipt for what I managed to accomplish and I’m incredibly honored and touched by this award.