Meet Dimitris

Dimitris Gioulekas has been with Knightec since the beginning in 2003 and he has been the company’s CEO for 11 years. His ambition is, and has always been, that the company should continue to challenge and renew the consulting industry.

Meet the CEO – Diversity is the key to future success

– The way forward is to never stop recruiting the most competent consultants regardless of ethnic background, age, sex or sexual orientation. Companies that think about diversity and see people’s different skills are the winners for the future. Such a mindset creates both the most attractive working environment and the best conditions for providing comprehensive solutions.

“Diversity is the key to future success”

With nearly 550 employees, Knightec is a true challenger in the industry, which is constantly growing. But digitization, globalization and sustainable development affect both the consulting industry and its customers.

– This has resulted in increased competition and price pressure. More advanced products and services are supposed to be developed faster. However, the consequences of failures and successes have also grown. At Knightec, we have an idea of ​​what requirements are coming and what opportunities the development gives.

The goal is for Knightec to be a strong partner to the customer in these matters. The most important thing in the strategy to succeed is to create added value for the customers by employees that increase their competence and cooperate.

– Customers need specialists; consultants who are the best in their area. However, many solutions require multiple skills and teamwork. Therefore, we develop specialist areas and collaborations. Customers notice that we support and complement each other. For the truly advanced solutions, collaboration is essential, across geography and competencies. And in the less advanced assignments, we face real price pressure instead.

A common solution is a team including a senior consultant that is the mentor of a junior consultant, giving the customer the best possible solution, while a junior consultant may grow and we can be more competitive.

– It’s something that makes you feel satisfied – it is development – you get challenged and better. Therefore, we strive more for personal development than other consulting companies.

Knightec offers all the prerequisites for success, but it is still the consultant’s own drive that creates success.

– It would be silly to paint the stereotype of the perfect consultant when I’ve just talked about diversity. But we all need to constantly develop our knowledge – there must be a basic commitment – an ambition to create something. And as long as we have curious consultants, we’ll find new opportunities! These are common features for us at Knightec.