Meet Erik

Erik Bengtsson is a civil engineer in computer engineering and works as a consultant at Knightec in Västerås. In his current assignment, Erik works to design and implement systems and software for industrial robots.

“If something does not work optimally, then it’s my job to find a solution”

Erik’s team works mainly with product improvements and in collaboration with the Technical Support department. One of the tasks is to build and develop robotic control systems, which is challenging technically, as it is very complex systems that control many of the moments.

– I need to create an overview of the entire system. It requires collaboration with different specialists to get a good knowledge of, and insight into, the different parts of the production process. If there is something that does not work optimally or that can be streamlined, then it’s my job to find out the reason and find a solution.

The task for Erik and his team is to improve the software.

-Technical support can solve any problems, but sometimes it is a major task they cannot solve alone, or, there is a clear improvement potential, and then they come to us. As some customers handle several thousand robots, our problem solving and improvements can have a significant impact.

Erik did his master thesis in the field of industrial robotics before moving to South Korea to work with technical information at a US company. When it was time to move home again, he knew that he was looking for a company with an open working culture.

-It is important to me to manage my job myself. I wanted to work with technology and leadership and was informed about Knightec by a friend. Their clear vision and driving force fits me perfectly and here, they believe in me.

At Knightec, there are several forums where you can build technical questions and get other people’s perspectives.

-It is a big advantage for me, giving me suggestions for better solutions and contributing to my skills development.

Industrial robotics is a very expansive area where Erik wants to continue his work:

-You get attached to the products but the goal is to continue to develop and build up my own skills, so that I can get into another role in the future. I would like to work in a project manager role, where I can utilize my technical skills and, at the same time, grow into a leadership role.