Meet Håkan

Håkan Dalén, Senior Consultant at Q&M, has recently returned to Knightec after working as Production Manager at one of the company’s customers.

“It´s like coming home”

His first meeting with Knightec was in 2004. Back then, he was one of 50 employees and helped to develop the mottos that characterizes the company’s business today: “Show care, exceed expectations and dare to be the best.”

– The culture is preserved, even though the company is ten times as big today. That can be seen as a strength. The transparency and consideration of others makes Knightec different from other companies. Many employees are forward and alert and driven by strong values. The atmosphere and working culture found at Knightec is a strong contributing factor to why I chose to come back.

For eight years, Håkan worked on various companies to run development projects within IT and telecom. He was production manager and sometimes project manager. But he lacked the versatility of being a consultant and to use his knowledge in different types of assignments. For Håkan, the consultancy role means more freedom in his position, where the external perspective makes it easier to say what actually needs to be done.

– For example, if you are employed as a production manager at an industrial company, what you say is easily understood as a statement, based on the sole role of the management. The scope for interpretation is getting bigger and the internal political game becomes important. As a consultant, you can easily speak plainly and based on what is best for the business.