Meet Nicoló

Nicoló Barlera is a senior consultant at Knightec’s satellite office for a larger customer in Gothenburg.

“You learn something new every day from experienced colleagues”

For the consultants at the satellite office, work involves a varied everyday life. It has become increasingly common to work in larger customer projects run from any of Knightec’s offices. Satellite projects strengthen the offer to the customer and increase cooperation within the company.

– The ability to quickly put together teams with the skills and experience the customer seeks, regardless of geographical location, makes the satellite office an attractive option for many of our customers.

It is also a way of giving our customers’ own organizations the opportunity to focus on core business and, in a cost-effective manner, handle high workloads and resource shortages.

– As a consultant, it is a good environment to stay in to learn both new working methods and software. Through more experienced colleagues, who act as mentors, you learn something new every day.

Knightec has offices in nine locations in Sweden. By working with the entire company as an office, everyone’s skills and experiences are made available, no matter where the customer is. This means that Knightec can meet several of the customer’s skills needs in a way that was not possible before.