Your career at Knightec

Since Knightec is built and developed by what we do together, every employee is important. Through an inclusive approach, transparency and curiosity, we challenge each other and create value for our customers. In our daily teamwork, we exchange knowledge and help each other. The team can consist of different skills, different levels of experience or different backgrounds.

Your career at Knightec

As a new employee, we offer you a solid introductory education and, for those who want, there is also a mentoring program. We believe in the individual’s own driving power is the key for a career. We have clear descriptions of our consultancy, business development and leadership positions and, through on-going target and development dialogue, you will agree with your manager about what you need to develop in your role, based on our development staircase. As you grow in your role, your opportunities increase. With your own ambitions and choices of focus and level, you can choose different careers. We support you along the way!

Specialist and adviser

At Knightec you can be developed into an excellent consultant. You can specialize in a specific field of technology (possibly link to SPOs) and once you have become a part of your specialization, you can be responsible for managing and developing the area. Having experience from several different companies in the same industry, or several different industries, will strengthen you in the advisory role. You can also work with teaching by holding seminars and trainings and being a mentor or coach.

Business development and sales

All our employees are trained in business management. It is also possible to combine the consulting profession with responsibility for some customers. Common development paths are to go against the role of project manager or technical project manager. A first step towards this is often project administrator or subproject leader. A role that, if successful, can grow into a larger, more comprehensive project manager responsibility. As key account managers you are responsible for specific customers.

Leader and manager

Most leadership and manager roles are combined with consultancy assignments, customer responsibility or administrative responsibility. As a leader and manager, you have development responsibility for your employees and sometimes sales and budget responsibilities.

Salary and benefits

Salary is individual and performance-based. All employees have a fixed monthly salary and are offered healthcare benefits, retirement provision, insurance and participation in the company’s strategic development. We also have other developmental activities, both with colleagues, customers and family.