In a short period of time, CEVT established an R&D unit in Sweden, focusing on future vehicles. CEVT was looking for a partner to develop a flexible quality system to support their innovation climate. In order to quickly achieve ISO 9001 certification, a management and quality system was required to be implemented.

Knightec contributed with expertise in designing and developing industry-adapted and efficient quality systems. In order to balance customer demand, based on regulatory frameworks and standards with their business goals, Knightec’s working method Compliance Optimized was used. The consultants presented proposals for a project plan and implemented the quality system with the customer.

“The partnership is now developing, where Knightec's goal is to support the customer in creating innovative products with high demands on mobility and connectivity”

Knightec put together a team with engineering, leadership and creative thinking skills. The team changed over time, but the customer’s main contact was the same throughout the process.

The work was characterized by a partnership where Knightec guided the customer around the design, development and implementation of a quality system and internal audit of processes. As the business is now developing, the quality system will continue to be ground by continuous improvement. Now, the partnership is developing, where Knightec’s goal is to continue to support the customer in their journey to create innovative products with high demands on mobility and connectivity.

With diversity we create quality

Knightec’s organization consists of three areas of expertise, 550 employees and nine offices around the country. With our wide range of expertise, we can quickly put together teams for the development of hardware and software, quality assurance, validation and project management. This means we can help our customers from the initial idea right through to the continuous production and development of both products and services.