How we work

Expertise, teamwork and deep knowledge of our customer’s operations is our way of creating high value in our deliverables. Therefore, we want to develop long-term partnerships with our customers and invest in knowledge about the customer’s market and business. We also invest in our specialist areas (link) and have developed different models for cooperation and delivery, depending on what to do and how the customer chooses to work with us.

Sweet spot analysis

In complex technology areas, it is difficult to find the optimal balance between effort and outcome due to lack of experience or ignorance. To be on the safe side, you may add extra, which leads to overinvestment, increased complexity and risk of delaying the schedule. Knightec has developed a unique method for making a sweet spot analysis that we use in our specialist areas (link). The method is based on highlighting the area’s decisive factors, thus creating a clear strategy for development. The screening is done against the customer’s desired power goals and is related to a certain zero state. This will create a gap analysis that will be the basis for continued prioritization.

Expertise delivery and specialist team

Hiring an individual consultant in a mission is a common way of working together. We call it Competence Delivery and offer it within three of Knightec’s business areas (link). Another offer is a specialist team, where we instead define an assignment with a desired effect target. The delivery is carried out by a team of people with different levels of commitment in the delivery. The advantage is that you as a customer can benefit from a broader range of skills, transfer more responsibility for your delivery and get faster in goals.

Remote development partners (Innovation Lab, Satellite)

The need for investment in research and development continues through the prolonged product life cycles and new technology is being introduced at an ever-increasing rate. At the same time, global competition is increasing and pushing the margins, which creates a need for reduced costs, efficiency improvements and new ways of working.

One way is to focus on the core areas and create the conditions for moving from existing products to next generation development. By collaborating with development partners in selected areas, their own organization is given the opportunity to focus on the right tasks without losing momentum in development.

Knightec offers remote development partnership through a three-part model:

  • Responsibility for delivery within a defined development area.
  • The customer’s operations are carried out in a separate part at Knightec’s offices.
  • A complete delivery process tailored to the customer’s quality system and product development process.

The cooperation assumes that there is a common ambition for a long-term partnership. Together with the customer we will develop a target image for the development of the cooperation, and will be consistent with the outcome of the defined goals.

Innovative concept design

Successful product development is based on solid preparatory work with a clear specification, where well-documented user studies are a key part. Knightec offers a five-step innovation process that results in delivery of a decision base with selected concepts, including a Pugh matrix.

Our process consists of five steps, each containing delivery of documentation for decision making in the subsequent step of the process. Step one is a review and definition of project requirements. In step two, innovational work is being carried out with idea generation. In step three, conceptual hybridization and evaluation, as well as selection of concept ideas. Stage four means refinements to further define and describe selected concepts in order to conclude. Finally, in step five, we see the selection of concepts, with a complete report as a base for decision making.

With diversity we create quality

Knightec’s organization consists of three areas of expertise, 550 employees and nine offices around the country. With our wide range of expertise, we can quickly put together teams for the development of hardware and software, quality assurance, validation and project management. This means we can help our customers from the initial idea right through to the continuous production and development of both products and services.