Scania Case

Scania was in need of consultancy support to develop a system that can control bus body functions such as doors, lighting, climate and level control. The software should be created on Scania’s specific software platform and developed according to international standards for electrical systems in the automotive industry.

Knightec’s experience in software development in embedded systems and agile project management quickly gained value. With a long history of working with Scania’s products and development processes, Knightec was able to quickly suggest a development team and a recommendation for how the product should be developed.

In the project, Knightec is working with planning, coordination and resource assurance. With an agile approach, we can see what work and priorities are made from Scania and Knightec and plan according to new priorities to handle late changes. It creates an effective way of working which is appreciated by Scania.

The consultancy team consists of mixed skills to cover the entire customer’s needs. The team is located at two Knightec offices (Stockholm, Örnsköldsvik) and has meetings with customers on a daily basis via Skype. When it is needed, the team gather for work meetings at the site of a customer or at Knightec’s buildings.

For Scania, this cooperation leads to a combined delivery and long-term competence. The result of the collaboration is that Knightec is taking a greater responsibility for delivery and assisting with expertise in work processes, demands, software implantation and verification. This is for the product to be developed according to standards in a traceable manner. The scope and conditions of the project have been changed several times, but due to our agile work process, we have constantly adapted ourselves and still develop the software with high quality.

“Knightec's experience in software development in embedded systems and agile project management quickly gained value.”

With diversity we create quality

Knightec’s organization consists of three areas of expertise, 550 employees and nine offices around the country. With our wide range of expertise, we can quickly put together teams for the development of hardware and software, quality assurance, validation and project management. This means we can help our customers from the initial idea right through to the continuous production and development of both products and services.