Umeå energi

New strategy based on sustainability 

Adoption of more sustainable energy, increased competition and expectations from customers poses big requirements on the energy trade. Umeå Energi has for a long time been successful. Without clarified need for constant progress and change from external influence, the business has been conducted more traditionally. To be a winner in the energy market of the future, the department of Värme saw the need for support in developing a long-term strategy for the business and an adjustment plan.

Knightec worked together with the management team to develop a new strategy and to support the implementation. The work was conducted with great engagement, involvement and communication. The process consisted of identifying goals, analyzing the organization, identify competences and work procedures for the implementation and to create a future management structure. The implementation is an ongoing task with constant support from Knightec’s advisors.

“Knightec worked together with the management team to develop a new strategy and to support the implementation”

The work with the strategy has largely been conducted by Knightec which, among other things, included around 40 workshops with coworkers and bosses.
The result is a newly implemented, flow oriented organization and a new management team with a clear mission based on customer perspective. The adaptation was quality proofed and made with a transparent and communicative work procedure, which also produced an internal standard for Umeå Energi in how to work successfully with adjustment projects.

With diversity we create quality

Knightec’s organization consists of three areas of expertise, 550 employees and nine offices around the country. With our wide range of expertise, we can quickly put together teams for the development of hardware and software, quality assurance, validation and project management. This means we can help our customers from the initial idea right through to the continuous production and development of both products and services.