Customer value added by team delivery

Traditionally, most consultants have worked individually on behalf of customer companies to deliver value to the customer through their own skills and time. Beside from the traditional consultant role, much of technical delivery is established from the assigned team and project scope, where the ability of each project member counts and is stretched continuously.

Creation of successful teams requires diligent preparations and continuous work to establish a motivating environment, where group dynamics thrive and one plus one is more and project members bonds equally beyond individual basis. It can be concepts, working methods, processes and goals made to stretch the individual.

Cross functional teams – Satellite office

Satellite offices with cross functional teams – what is it? How can these concepts contribute to improvement for development teams? These are partly new concepts where one can draw benefits from working with knitted development teams, where the team has a mix of experience and competence. Properly executed, it will become a win-win scenario for development team members and customer by achieving a shorter start distance, smoother quality and greater flexibility.

With an open and motivating climate we can create fellowship, a positive approach and a professional attitude – Will! Dare! Skill! Taking on ever changing challenges and with team support, deliver.

“Why is that some teams work smoother and achieve better results than others?”

Team leadership

Why do some teams achieve better results than others? Is it because team members are quicker and stronger individuals? Or is it because they have better concepts, coordination, systems and more than others wish to perform and win? Through values and attitude which can be shaped though leadership to individual’s growth, competence and delivery, a team can reach much further than an individual. A great advantage within Knightec is to build team spirit on the strong corporate culture and value base that exists.

Building the group requires a great presence of leaders, in order to help and, above all, coach younger and new employees to solve their own tasks. In order to create participation, communication is a key factor. It is rapidly becoming an ever-increasing challenge with a growing group.

Another key factor is the establishment of the common business perspective and what the success factors are for creation of customer value. Even the ability to investigate new ways for achieving results and business value is also important for motivation.

One should not underestimate the value over time to socialize and keep comfort and dynamic within the team. A mixture of ages, experiences and background share several valuable insights at work and often creates a good spirit in the team.


Jörgen Leijon works as advisor and consultant Knightec Quality and Management

He has more than 25 years’ experience of large customer projects and international project management within IT, industry and transportation system. Currently, he is leading the Knightec satellite office within Life Science in Uppsala.

This article was originally written in Swedish by the writer and has been translated.