Dimitris Gioulekas awarded CEO of the Year


Dimitris Gioulekas, CEO for Knightec, was yesterday awarded CEO of the Year with the motivation: 

Through a goal-oriented leadership that empower people to grow, the CEO of the Year in the category Large companies has achieved large growth and have created a workplace where the employees thrive. In a world filled with possibilities, embellished and split by people’s differences, the winner chooses to have an open and curious attitude and an insatiable hunger for potential. 

With humility, brilliance, and great passion the CEO of the year has shown that it is possible to combine profitability with a genuine social commitment 

The CEO of the Year is an award by motivation.se. Dimitris Gioulekas also received this award in 2014. Additionally, last week Knightec was also awarded Sweden’s third best employee. 

Leadership plays a central role in Knightec, which is currently experiencing large growth. With 600 consultants in 9 cities, culture and leadership is what keeps the company together. Strong balues are the basis for all work. Dimitris says: 

– Making a difference is built into our DNA. As it often is, I must stand as a representative for co-operation. I have a great commitment in what we are developing here at Knightec as well as how we contribute to developing the rest of the world, but I’m far from alone in this. The time is past when one person’s knowledge was enough to create great things. 

Diversity and consideration for employees are natural parts of Knightec’s culture. The company is working to create a strong community through working in teams, constantly developing the leadership and with open-mindedness and transparency engage employees in the development of Knightec and its customers. 

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