Knightec gets new future-rady facilities in 2019

Knightec is moving in at Solna United at Solna station next year

Knightec continues to grow profitably on its journey towards a turnover of a billion kronor (100 million €). [EH2] By offering customers new ways of collaborating, larger cohesive projects and more strategic advice, the company challenges the consulting industry. 

The ambition to be 1000 specialists in product development by 2020 is within reach. In the East [EH3] region alone, Knightec currently has more than 200 employees.

The need for new employees and new premises is increasing as the customers’ interest in outsourcing entire development projects to Knightec is growing. Today, Knightec has an increasing number of inhouse projects running at the company’s nine offices across Sweden. 

The new Stockholm office in Solna United is 1500 sq.m. and has about 120 workstations. There will be spaces for seminars, presentations, open landscapes, meeting rooms, project rooms and a large lounge for larger events. With the new office, Knightec can grow to over 350 employees in Stockholm. 

Dimitris Gioulekas, CEO of Knightec, looks forward to the new premises: 

– The new office, with its modern design, will be an invitation to innovative meetings between people. We want it to be a meeting place for both customers and employees. If you want to be part of the future, every part of the company needs to be shaped for the future, including premises and ways of working.

Knightec moves in during October 2019.

About the facilities:

With many visiting visitors, the new office is located right at the train station in Solna, 7 minutes to the central station and 30 minutes to Arlanda.

In the property there will be restaurants and cafés, meeting rooms in the entrance hall and on the roof, changing rooms and both car and bicycle storage facilities.

More information about Solna United is available at