Knightec have inspired 3000 students in ten years

By bringing the technical aspects of engineering into elementary school, Knightec would like to establish a greater understanding for the technical professions. No students should miss the opportunity to train for exciting, challenging technical professions as a result of ignorance. Therefore, Knightec inspires students by showing everyday challenges for engineering to solve. For 10 years Knightec representatives have met with almost 3000 students. 

Knightec initiated the first collaboration with Rinkeby elementary school more than 10 years ago. Today, Knightec consultants spend more than 2000 hours per year being an inspiration for ninth grade students to pursue higher education in technical professions. This takes place by inspiration lectures and study visits to Knightec offices where students can work with technical tasks and projects. Since the start, the collaboration has grown and now include a total of 300 students per year distributed across 6 elementary schools in Sweden*. 

The Swedish labor market is becoming more diverse and more international. The ability to collaborate across linguistic and cultural variations is becoming increasingly important. People with specific language skills and background from other countries than Sweden is an important asset for Swedish companies expanding internationally. In order to be an attractive partner to international companies Knightec need to hire more skilled and motivated engineers from different backgrounds.

“This is our investment for the future. We want to contribute by helping more people with various backgrounds train to become engineers. This is our way to increase the number of available engineers in long term.”

Knightec CEO, Dimitris Gioulekas, considers that company social responsibility for schools and education is a critical issue for Knightec as company, the Swedish labor market and ultimately for Sweden as country:

– This is our investment for the future. We want to contribute by helping more people with various backgrounds train to become engineers. This is our way to increase the number of available engineers in long term.

Carina Rennermalm, former headmaster at Rinkeby elementary school, praises the cooperation with Knightec: 

– Real engineers guide and inspire the students in an entrepreneurial approach at a workplace outside from school. Being able to move out part of the training to a company location make the students motivated for increased responsibility and gaining a realistic picture of the possibilities for their studies. This cooperation has resulted in more students pursuing technical related training. 

– For Knightec, cooperation with elementary schools means that we will see the students develop. The collaborations also gives an insight to how students with different cultures act and think and at the same time we stimulate curiosity and joy for innovation, accordingly Kajsa Rosén, project manager for Knightec’s Rinkeby elementary school collaboration. 

But not only Knightec needs to hire more engineers. Throughout the Swedish society, the need for engineers is high and many companies urge for more students to be trained. Dimitris Gioulekas sees that companies can do more: 

– I see that more companies should act for the future to come and contribute more. Now an entire branch is awaiting while schools are doing everything to create and rise in interest for mathematics and technology. Many working with technology everyday could break down the prejudices regarding engineering. More companies could support and be there for schools, concludes Dimitris Gioulekas. 

Contact information at Knightec reference school collaboration: 

Malmoe, Verner Rydén and Kryddgardsskolan   Josefin Berner, +46 (0)73-143 64 64 

Gothenburg, Vattleskolan                                        Emma Jönsson, +46 (0)70- 241 22 45 

Stockholm, Rinkebyskolan                                       Cajsa Rosén, +46 (0)73-078 29 34 

Uppsala, Stordammens skola                                  Christian Taxén, +46 (0)72-467 72 38 

Ornskoldsvik, Sorlidenskolan                                   Per-Åke Forsberg, +46 (0)73-078 29 17